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Some Quick Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

Now that it is March and the Winter months are starting to get behind us, it is now time to get ready for Spring! During those cold months, your home goes through a good amount of wear and tear which may require some repairs. It is important to conduct routine maintenance checks on your home to keep up with these minor repairs to help prevent larger problems in the future. Here are a few maintenance recommendations: 

Check, clean or replace your HVAC air filters. This helps keep clean, healthy air flowing throughout your home. Also, scheduling an HVAC maintenance professional to run diagnostics will keep the system running efficiently. 

Clean out your Gutters. If your home is close to or under trees, then chances are your gutters are full of debris. This can cause your gutters to clog, causing damage to them (freezing water can cause cracks/breaks), your siding and the foundation if there is not proper water run-off from your home. You can do this yourself if you're comfortable with heights and exercise caution, but many roofing and landscaping companies offer gutter clean-out services as well.

Check your Smoke and Carbon Detectors. Many of us weather-proofed our homes for Winter, which may have included plastic insulation on windows or under-door sealers to stop drafts/cold air from entering. While that weather-proofing can keep cold air out, it also has the potential of keeping in harmful gases if you are not getting fresh air from outside. It is important to make sure that your home detectors are working. 



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