Home Search During COVID-19 Outbreak

These days it feels that life has been put on hold, as a lot of things we used to do are restricted or stopped altogether. That being said, people still have to move, and we are hearing daily from prospective buyers, sellers and renters. 

Real estate agents, and the real estate industry as a whole, is adapting quickly to what is going on in the world and people's lives, and we are here to help. In an era of social distancing, here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a home:

1. Video Tours. Video tours are available for many properties, especially Cabot & Company's exclusive listings. Thanks to our agents and tenants, we have compiled a database of videos for the majority of our available apartments. 

2. Experienced Agents. Our agents know our exclusively listed properties inside-out. At a time when it is important to carefully evaluate a property before scheduling an in person viewing, it is important to work with someone that knows the apartment and has personally seen it. For our exclusive listings, we have seen and rented them multiple times, so call your agent with questions. 

3. Further Evaluating Occupied Apartments. Given the current circumstances, it is difficult to visit occupied apartments. Agents, tenants and landlords are all trying to be safe and responsible. At Cabot & Company, we are endeavoring to practice social distancing. Most current tenants are understanding of the circumstances and are happy to assist us in answering your questions and sending additional photos or videos.

4. Visiting a Vacant Apartment. We are doing our best to help you screen properties before scheduling a tour. Ask for a video first. Still interested and want to view it in person? Be prepared for the following: 

- You may be asked whether you have traveled recently, or have any reason to believe you have been exposed or are exhibiting CODIV-19 symptoms.  

- You may be asked to use hand sanitizer before and during the tour, and wear gloves or a mask (if available).

- You will likely be asked not to touch anything. Many agents are turning on all lights and opening all doors and closets ahead of time.

- Any showings are encouraged to be prompt. Take a quick look around, and then discuss any questions outside. Your agent will also be happy to answer follow up questions via email or on a phone call.


This is a challenging time, but it does not mean your home search needs to be put on hold. We are all working to navigate through the COVID-19 outbreak together. Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or suggestions on how we can further help with you house hunting.




Green Thumb or Not? Low Maintenance House Plants

As we are moving past this mild Winter and quickly approaching Spring, many of you are in the green thumb mode and in need to re-amp or add to your indoor vegetation.  Maybe you once had an indoor plant and you noticed within the week that it turned into a bone-dry, wilted mess.  Or maybe you’ve never owned an indoor plant because you aren’t sure if you can keep it alive.  Don’t beat yourself up!  Like a pet, knowing the care for your houseplants starts with finding the right one for you and your schedule.  You may need an indoor plant that can live through your busy work schedule or a houseplant that can survive a week while you are on vacation, greeting you when you get home.  Here are a few plants that are low maintenance and that can instantly add vibrancy and color to your living space.

1)  Spider Plant
This plant thrives in the sun/well-lit areas.  Water every 2-6 weeks or when the top 2-inches of soil is dry.  Be careful not to over water as this can cause root rot.  This plant likes temperatures between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit.



2)  Aloe Vera
This plant likes light, but not direct sunlight.  Water every 1-2 weeks and maybe once every 2 months in the Winter.  You want to make sure the soil is almost completely dry before re-watering.  This plant likes temperatures between 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit.


3)  Jade Plant "Shrek Ears"
This plant likes indirect sunlight.  Like the Aloe Vera, only water this plant when the soil is almost completely dry or every 1-3 weeks.  This plant likes temperatures between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit. 

4)  Succulents
Succulents like lower amounts of sunlight, maybe 3 hours per day.  These plants like water at least once a week.  Temperatures between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit is the best for this houseplant.

5)  Dragon Tree

This tree needs very little to no sunlight.  It can also thrive in filtered light conditions.  60-85 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for this low maintenance plant.  Just watch the soil of this tree and keep it moist.  Needs water maybe twice per month.



Not only do houseplants add vibrancy and color to your home or apartment, but study after study shows that plants (in our living or office environment) can improve our overall well-being, making us feel better.  These plants can also take out toxins from the air we breathe.  We are less stressed, more productive/creative when we share our living space with a simple, low maintenance houseplant.



Off-Season Rentals Offer Good Deals

The peak spring and summer rental market season can be quite hectic.  Fast moving inventory, top dollar market pricing, and competing with qualified applicants.  All of this makes the stressful moving experience even more so.  After September 1st, however, there are deals to be had if one can wait to move.  The rental market tends to slow down during the fall and winter, and sometimes this leaves landlords with vacant apartments.  Great deals are available for those who can move quick, or fill odd dates.  This is also an opportune time to ask for some painting or touch up before move-in when typically there wouldn’t be time.  

Call us and speak with a qualified rental agent to find out more.


Current Fall Specials (click for more info):

Dartmouth St, South End - 2+BR/2BA Penthouse Duplex with Private Deck - $4,995

M St, South Boston - 1+BR/1BA Renovated Penthouse - $2,625

Marlborough St, Back Bay - 2BR/1BA Penthouse with Central Air - $3,450

Warren Ave, South End - 1BR/1BA Renovated with In-Unit Laundry - $2,375




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Boston Landlords: 10 Tips for Renting an Apartment that is Still Vacant

September 1st has come and gone. Boston’s prime rental season is over and the number of renters out there has decreased sharply. However, all is not lost. Here are 10 tips to help get that apartment leased:

1.  Make Necessary Repairs.  If something is clearly broken (e.g. cracked windows, doors that do not close, etc.), many prospective renters will see that as a red flag. 

2.  Deep Cleaning.  Has the apartment been cleaned since the last tenant moved out? Prospective tenants this time of year generally have more options and are more likely to scrutinize unclean apartments.    If the apartment windows have not been cleaned (inside and out), that is a must-do to help maximize the natural light.

3.  Freshen Up the Paint and Floors.  Without furniture, scuff marks become focal points.  Not only will a fresh coat of paint help the apartment show better, but now is the best time to get that done since there are no tenants to work around. The same is true with the floors – refinishing hardwood floors and replacing carpet (with new carpet or hardwood flooring) can make a world of difference.

4.  Improve Curb Appeal.  Depending on the type of rental that you own, there may be limits to what you can do to improve the curb appeal.  However, for prospective renters, their evaluation of your apartment begins even before they step into the unit.  Put yourself in their shoes and walk-up to the building – how does the landscaping look, is the mail in boxes or scattered in the foyer, are the common areas clean, are the hallway lights working?

5.  Take New Pictures.  Nearly all renters’ searches begin online, so pictures will make the first impression. If you have been using the same pictures, take new pictures to give a fresh look.

6.  Consider Going Pet-Friendly.  For renters with pets, they will ONLY look at pet-friendly apartments.  If you have been advertising your apartment as not accepting pets, then there is a new audience of tenants that you could reach. However, careful consideration needs to be given here – for instance, some condo associations prohibit pets.

7.  Change the Lease End Date.  Consider entering a lease until June 1st, rather than doing a lease until September 1st. September 1st has tended to be the biggest turnover date in Boston, but June 1st is a popular lease turnover date too. Additionally, if you miss a tenant for June 1, then you still have several months of “prime” rental season to work with.

8.  Maximize Your Listing Exposure.  Working with a real estate broker can help maximize your exposure.  For instance, here at Cabot & Company we utilize a number of listing and advertising platforms in order to reach tenants.  Not only does the tenant typically pay the brokerage fee, but we provide a credit check and manage the lease signing and collection of upfront payments.

9.  Offer Incentives.  Agreeing to pay all or half of the broker’s fee can help alleviate a renter’s upfront moving costs.  If the renter needs to come up with the first month’s rent, last month’s rent, month security deposit and a broker fee, that can work out to a sizable amount. Foregoing the requirement for the last month’s rent and/or accepting a lower security deposit can also help.

10.  Consider a Rent Reduction.  This is the last tip, but probably the most important.  If you have already tried some/all of the tips above, then the market is saying that you are asking too much.  It is also important to consider the impact of missing an additional month’s rent as opposed to reducing your asking rent – generally, you find that the numbers work out that you are better off agreeing to a lower rent for a sooner move-in date than missing out on a few months of rent while chasing a higher rent.



Important Utilites Contact Information for Move Ins

When moving into your new home you need to establish service with the following Utility companies:

Boston Utilities

National Grid
Gas (800) 732-3400

Electricity (800) 592-2000

Phone (800) 870-9999

Phone, Cable, Internet
(617) 279-1958



Helpful Boston Numbers


Boston City Hall
(617) 635-4000

Boston Police Department
Non Emergency
(617) 343-4200

Boston Fire Department
Non Emergency
(617) 343-3550

Emergency Storm Center
(617) 635-3050

Poison Control and Prevention
(800) 222-1222

Animal Control (Dog Licenses)
(617) 635-5348


We recommend you reserve a parking spot for your moving truck by going to City of Boston Website

If you live in Boston and your car is registered in Massachusetts you can get a resident permit parking sticker to park on the street.


For more information please contact Cabot & Company at (617) 262-6200


Boston Apartments that Take Pets... And You Can Come Too!

It’s that time of year again searching for a rental in Boston, however this year with your new addition of a puppy you are finding it more challenging to rent.  Don’t despair! There are plenty of pet friendly buildings with all the amenities your precious pet would need.  The plethora of luxury buildings that have sprouted up in the past few years welcome wet noses. 

Does your French Bull dog need to shed a few pounds or your new puppy has endless energy?  The Waterside in the Seaport offers an outdoor dog run. How do you keep up with your Yorkshire Terrier’s haircuts? No need to leave your building while residing at One Canal in the North End that offers a pet spa and dog park.  Wondering where your overly friendly Golden Retriever can make fast friends, no problem at 345 Harrison in the South End, they have a Paws Pet Park where your playful pup can find fast playmates.  Want to live downtown close to work and come home to check on your pets at lunch? The Kensington conveniently located on Washington Street offers a Pet Spa and lots of other amenities. 

Many of these buildings pay the broker fee so you can work with your favorite broker to help you navigate the rental process, but you don’t have to pay the broker fee. Win win situation. Call Cabot & Company and one of our rental experts can set up showings and provide information on Boston apartments at one of the many pet friendly apartments. 

For amenity lists, pet friendly apartments and location ideas contact Cabot & Company at (617) 262-6200 or visit our website


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Great windows in your new home?

When renting a condo you may expect to have some kind of window treatments. Most landlords put the basic blinds or roller shades which might not be attractive enough for you. You can customize your apartment by adding color with curtains. Simple, inexpensive and easy to install curtains can be found at many different stores like Bed Bath and Beyond, Pottery Barn, West Elm or even on Amazon.

Choosing the right window treatments for your newly purchased condo can be overwhelming.  First, make sure to check with the condo association’s rules to know what are the dos and don’ts. Many managed buildings have scheduled window cleanings during the year. If you are interested in getting as much light as possible, select a window shade that allows light to come through. Being on a lower floor you might want to consider having a top down bottom up shade, so you can cover the bottom of the window for privacy yet allowing light into your place by having the top portion of the window completely open. There are many options, therefore you may want to have a window expert come and explain all the different possibilities; many of them offer a complementary consultation for new home buyers.

Shopping for a new home? Check out all our listings, the spring market is going strong and many new listings are added every week.



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Beat The Rush!

Looking for an apartment in Boston for your new job?  Or looking to relocate to a new place?  Thinking of moving when your lease is up?  If you have said yes to any of these questions, we are here to help!  If you have rented before in Boston you know that the market is extremely competitive, especially if your looking for rentals beginning in June or September.  You might find the perfect rental early in the game that checks all of the boxes, ultimately beating the rush, the competition and for you to stop worrying about the stress that goes into apartment searching.  Check out a few of our rentals below.

Back Bay | 86 Saint Botolph St. #13 | 1 BR 1 BA | $2,100

Top floor, one bedroom apartment that gets an abundance of natural sunlight and views. Located on Saint Botolph St. in the Back Bay, bordering the South End. Close to transportation, restaurants, shops and the grocery store; close to everything! Open kitchen with gas stove-top, and all utilities included in the rent. Very convenient location!

Please contact Andrew Bemben with any inquiries or to set up a showing this weekend!


Back Bay | 11 Marlborough St. #42 | 1 BR-Alcove 1BA | $2,395

Junior one bedroom on the 1st block of Marlborough St. No better location to live in the City than this block! Spacious studio / one bedroom with updated kitchen and bathroom, hardwood floors. Heat and hot water are included in the rent. Close to Green Line, Red Line, Newbury shops, Back Bay restaurants and the Boston Common and Public Gardens!

Please contact Andrew Bemben with any inquiries or to set up a showing this weekend!

Back Bay | 141 Beacon St. #5 | Studio 1 BA | $2,195

Spacious studio located off Berkeley and Beacon St. features hardwood floors throughout, classic Back Bay detail, high ceilings, kitchen w/ dishwasher/disposal. Plus, heat, hot water, AND electricity included!!

Please contact Andrew Bemben with any inquiries or to set up a showing this weekend!

Watertown | 31 Irma Ave. #3 | 2 BR 1 B | $2,175

Huge, sunny and spacious 2 bedroom with hardwood floors throughout. Renovated kitchen, private deck, central air, and laundry in building. One parking spot included in the rent. Ideal location with easy access to public transportation, restaurants, coffee shops, yoga studios and much more. Must See!

Please contact Andrew Bemben with any inquiries or to set up a showing this weekend!

South End | 220 West Springfield St. #1 | 1 BR 1 BA | $3,000

Parlor level, one bedroom with renovated open kitchen, Bosch and Fridgidaire stainless steel appliances and granite breakfast bar, high ceilings with lots of detail, in unit washer and dryer, and split-system wall AC. Heat and hot water included. Close to public transportation and the South End's famous restaurant scene.

Please contact Andrew Bemben with any inquiries or to set up a showing this weekend!


Back Bay | 271 Dartmouth St. #4M | 1 BR 1 BA *Furnished* | $2,700

Furnished one bed in Prime Back Bay location between Boylston and Newbury on Dartmouth St., steps to Copley Plaza. Elevator building with laundry on every floor and common roof deck. The unit boasts hardwood floors, dishwasher, and high ceilings. Heat, hot water, and WiFi/basic cable included in the rent. $50 per month towards electricity.

Please contact Andrew Bemben with any inquiries or to set up a showing this weekend!


Back Bay | 209 Newbury St. #2R | Studio 1BA | $3,150

NEW on Newbury Street!  Just renovated studio with enormous private deck between Exeter and Fairfield Street.  This apartment has all the bells and whistles; satin-finish white oak floors, central AC/hydro air, washer/dryer in unit, walk-in closet, video/voice intercom, and recessed LED lighting.  Brand new kitchen with stainless steel appliances and gas cooking.  Modern bathroom with tub.  Be the first to live in this gem!

Please contact Andrew Bemben with any inquiries or to set up a showing this weekend!





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Apartment Spotlight: Looking for Rentals in Vibrant Areas in and around the City?

Jamaica Plain | 96 Seaverns St. #PH | 2 BR 1.5 B | $2,995 *Reduced Price*

Sumner Hill neighborhood, in Jamaica plain. Two bedroom plus study, one and a half bath penthouse. Steps to Green Street T, and all the shops, cafés, and restaurants on Centre Street, this sun splashed home doesn’t disappoint. Central air conditioning and heat, in-unit laundry, and an oversize private deck. Please contact Andrew Bemben with any questions or to set up an appointment for this Saturday, 2/2 from 10:00A.M.-3:30P.M. 


Watertown | 31 Irma Ave. #3 | 2 BR 1 B | $2,175 *Reduced Price*

Huge sunny and spacious 2 bedroom with hardwood floors throughout. Renovated kitchen, private deck, central air, and laundry in building. One parking spot included. Ideal location with easy access to public transportation, restaurants, coffee shops, yoga studios and much more. Must See! Please contact Andrew Bemben with any questions or to set up an appointment for this Saturday, 2/2 from 10:00A.M.-3:30P.M. 




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Apartment Spotlight: Available Now

Need an apartment in Boston?  Here are some spotlighted apartments that are available NOW:

Back Bay  |  185 Beacon St. #5R  |  1BR  |  $2,450 

AVAILABLE NOW!!!  Great views of Boston's historic cityscape, with all new appliances.  Facing South, this one bedroom unit receives an abundance of natural sunlight. This professionally managed building also features a walk-in closet and hardwood floors. Hot Water is included in the rent!  Please contact Andrew Bemben with any questions or to set up an appointment for this Saturday, 11/10 from 10:00 A.M. - 3:30 P.M.


Back Bay  |  719 Boylston St. #303  |  2BR  |  $3,750

AVAILABLE NOW!!!  Be the first to live in this BRAND NEW, two bedroom, professionally managed unit on Boylston and Exeter St.  New hardwood floors throughout, brand new kitchen with dishwasher and new bathroom's as well!  There is even an extra room for storage or office space, central air and washer/dryer in the unit!  Location is great - close to the Prudential Center and right on the Marathon/Parade route.  Please contact Andrew Bemben with any questions or to set up an appointment for this Saturday, 11/10 from 10:00 A.M. - 3:30 P.M.





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