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Tips for Boston Moving Day

September 1st, otherwise known as “Moving Day” in Boston, can leave many stressed and exhausted.  Here are a few tips for a smooth moving experience:

Condo Move In’s/Out’s
If you live in a condo building, make sure all move in and move out policies are followed correctly.  Contact the condo owner or management company directly.  There may be fees required by the management company prior to the move, and certain things may need to be scheduled (for instance, elevators sometimes need to be reserved in order to use them for moving).

Moving/Storage Companies
Schedule a moving/storage company weeks or months in advance, as they book up quickly.  Make sure they have the proper liability insurance for your building.  This can be found by contacting the building's management company.

Here are a few moving and storage companies some of our clients have had good experiences with:
Olympia Moving and Storage
Gentle Giant Moving Company
Stairhopper Movers

Streets get very crowded during Moving Day.  Make sure you or your moving company arrange for and reserve a parking spot for the moving truck in front of your new building.  

Plan the Driving Route
Look up any road closures, and what roads trucks cannot drive on.  And remember, Don’t Get Storrowed!


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