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How has the Weather Impacted the Spring Market?

Sure, offices and schools have had a number of snow days. But how has the weather impacted the real estate market?

As you might expect, inventory is down... way down. The charts below are for residential condos, but we have seen a similar trend through all property categories.

Downtown Boston Condo Inventory (Past 3 Years)

Downtown Boston Condo Inventory (Past 18 Months)

Boston's Spring market generally starts to pick up by late January/early February. Due to the storms, inventory is much lower than normal.


Cambridge Condo Inventory (Past 3 Years)

Cambridge's inventory chart shows a similar trend. 

Most would-be sellers are waiting for a break in the weather. In a few weeks, once the temperatures start to rise and the snow banks clear, we'll likely see a good stream of properties come on the market. If you're planning to buy this Spring, now is a good time to get geared up and ready for hunting.


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