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Boston Condo Market Update - January 2024

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2023 was an interesting year in Boston real estate. The rapid rise in interest rates seemed to be a leading cause in the lack of available homes for sale (i.e. inventory). We heard some would-be sellers lament that while they would prefer to sell and buy something larger, the interest rate spike meant that their monthly payments would be [...]

Boston's Fall Real Estate Market

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While the Spring market (from February through June) is typically considered prime time to search for a home in Boston, the Fall market is also a great time to buy and sell. As the chart below of new listings by month shows, we typically see a surge of inventory in [...]

Converting Boston Office Space to Residential Homes and Apartments

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As many workers have shifted to remote or hybrid work schedules, empty office buildings in Boston have led to less foot traffic in once vibrant downtown areas.  In order to help curb the high vacancy rates in downtown office buildings and also encourage housing development, Boston is implementing a program to offer tax incentives for [...]

Boston Condo Market Update - July 2022

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How is the Boston real estate market in 2022? LINK Boston's second quarter report shows that Boston's condo market is still strong. Condo values in many of Boston's core neighborhoods (which LINK refers to as "Citywide") remain high, which is illustrated in the 20 year price index (appreciation rate) [...]

Boston Condo Market Update - January 2022

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While the sales data and reports for Boston's condo market are still filtering in, we wanted to share some preliminary data for how the market performed in 2021.

Source: Boston Annual Sales Summary 2021, Listing Information Network, Inc.

Looking at the 10 Year Price Index (Appreciation Rate), Boston condo home values remain strong.  The [...]

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