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Tips for Relocating to Boston

Whether you're moving to Boston as an expat, for school, or the gratifying desire for a change, it's normal to feel a little intimidated by the thought of relocating to a new city or neighborhood.

Resettling in Boston or its nearby suburbs can turn out to be a major adjustment. Some people often assume their transition to this new city will go smoothly, but any lifestyle change will come with its own unique challenges. Boston is an incredible city in many ways, and once you get into the swing of things, you're bound to fall in love with its culture, vibrant college city life, accomplished arts scene, seemly outdoor spaces, and food. But before you head out to Boston, here are a few things to note as you plan to relocate.

A Competitive Housing Market

Life in Boston is infamously expensive, and so are the houses. Historically, Boston has been a strong sellers' market with a higher demand for homes for sale that surpasses the supply. As such, expect some exorbitant asking prices for homes. To live comfortably in this city, you will need to fork out thousands of dollars in mortgage payments or rent. So it's important to be financially prepared. The best advice would be to take your time and figure out the best places to live in Boston, depending on your financial situation. You can choose to live just within the city limits or nearby neighborhoods like Back Bay, Beacon City, South End, and Jamaica plain (to name a few). If you feel priced out by the high home prices, don't worry. Many would-be-buyers feel the same, and renting in Boston is incredibly common.

Use a Real Estate Agent

If you're planning to buy or rent a house in Boston, it should be no secret that the housing market is highly competitive. Be sure to find an experienced real estate agent to help you with your search to make the process as smooth as possible. The availability of homes for sale in Boston is critically low, yet the demand is high. A real estate agent can help you find property listings with ease, help you find a home that meets and fits your criteria, schedule showings for you, and help you close the deal.

If you plan to rent, especially during college semesters while students are in town, you certainly need an agent's help to find rentals. Take into account the fees associated with working with an agent, so you're prepared financially. Nonetheless, agent fees shouldn't stress you out if you're moving here. With this information forehand, you can factor in this fee when planning your total moving expenses. Remember, you can potentially lower your agent fees by moving in at a strategic time. 

Navigating the Boston housing market without an agent is not easy, and while it's possible to avoid working with one altogether, you'll have to really go out of your way to find a house. In fact, it's common for rental and property owners to only work with tenants and homebuyers with an agent representing them.

A Ripe Job Market

Boston is bustling with many large-scale corporations, startups, and fortune 100 companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Most people moving to Boston do so for work-related reasons. According to, the average salary in Boston is about $80,000, which is significantly higher than the national average of $51,916. There's plenty of money going around in Boston, which explains the high housing prices. Be sure to polish up your resume before hitting the job market because the competition is quite steep.

Bundle Up For Winter

Boston's location is in the northeastern zone of the US and has what is known as a continental climate. True to its New England surroundings, the weather in Boston is characterized by freezing temperatures and blustery snowy winters followed by warm to hot summers. From December to mid-March, the weather can drop to subzero temperatures with a persistent blizzard that heightens the already cold weather. Most new residents unprepared for this plummet usually find it hard to cope. So, stock up on your winter wear before or upon arrival, and take advantage of the many incredible winter activities offered in Boston! 

Boston is a Sport City

Boston was ranked the best sports city in the world in 2021, according to WalletHub. Bostonians are sports loyalties, and four of the best professional teams in their respective sports are based in Boston. Sports are a big deal for the locals, and if it's not your thing, you will quickly find out that you have no choice but to mark your calendar for the action days because traffic is always crazy. Attendances at sports events are unheard of, and there will always be enthusiastic fan crowds cheering their favorite team around the city. Whether it's Boston Red socks, New England Patriots, the Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins, or the New England Revolution soccer team. Also, be ready for some sports small-talk around the office amongst some of your colleagues, as the sports fanatics create an atmosphere of community for every Boston resident to enjoy.


Boston city is an exciting place to live in, with plenty to offer its residents and visitors. The tips here are just the tip of the iceberg. This Sprightly city has a lot to offer, whether it's culture, art, history, exceptional suburbs, or beautiful public spaces. 

If you're planning to make Boston your new home, our real estate experts at Cabot & Company understand the intricacies of the Boston housing market like the palm of their hands. Contact us! And we'll help you settle in Boston within no time.

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